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Anti-Wrinkles Treatment



About Anti-wrinkle Cosmetic Treatments


Delaying, preventing and treating wrinkles is an informed decision that now you have the freedom to make – with our team at St Francis Medical. If you have received treatments in the past, looking to continue treatment – or looking to see what’s available for the first time – St Francis Cosmetics Clinic can help. Our team are experienced and will ensure all treatments are implemented appropriately, and conforming with best practice. The following will help answer some of your questions about our Anti-Wrinkle Treatments; of course, feel free to call us on 9382 3334 should you wish to query the treatments further, or book in for a doctor’s consultation at our Subiaco Medical Centre.


What does the treatment involve?

Our team will initially assess and consult with you. During this consultation, they will assess your area/s of need, engage your expectations and discuss the anti-wrinkle treatments and potential, likely outcomes. Anti-wrinkle treatments normally involve injections, whereby a small volume of the product is injected into your area/s of need. Our doctor will normally apply a small amount of anaesthetic cream to the area to ensure the procedure is as pain free as possible. (This cream normally requires up to 30 minutes to numb the area, so please allow for this time)


How do the treatments work?

The product blocks the nerve that operated the muscles of the skin, for a temporary period of time. This results in the skin ‘relaxing’ and effectively reducing the signs of wrinkles.

Is it ‘Botox’?

This is a question we get asked very often; due to advertising restrictions we are not allowed to refer to any of our products by name. Our medical team will discuss the products with you during the consultation, and will advise on best products that suit your needs.


How much does it cost?

Initial consultations are normally $150, and the procedures are charged per volume of treatment required. If you are beginning treatment you may be entitled to a free initial consultation so please mention this to reception when booking your appointment.


How long should I allow for the treatment?

Initial consultations with Dr Archana may require up to 20 minutes or more, with repeat appointments requiring less consultation. The treatments themselves do not take long at all (normally at least 15 minutes), with additional time required for anaesthetic creams to be applied. We do recommend that you speak with reception prior to any booking – particularly initial consultations – so we may allow enough time for you and our team.


Will I need any ‘after care’ following the treatment?

This will be best answered by Dr Archana, as each patient and their treatments are different. As a general rule, we do not recommend you lie flat for 4 hours after your procedure. You may experience minor discomfort, redness or swelling. Our team will best advise you on after care instructions that will be relevant to your treatment; this may include pain relief medicine or ice packs.


How long will the treatments last?

Our anti-wrinkle treatments are non-permanent, however, the effects will last for several months. With time, the effects will wear off. Subsequent treatments do last longer than previous treatments, and subsequent doses required may also be lower.


Can anyone receive anti-wrinkle treatments?

Dr Archana will help you decide if these treatments are right for you. It’s really important when speaking with our team and Dr Archana that you share your full medical history and current medications (including any vitamins/herbs). This will assist us to decide the correct treatment regimen for you, and discuss potential side effects. The treatments are formulated for adults only, and for both men or women.



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