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Welcome Dr Sparrow to St Francis! Comments Off on Welcome Dr Sparrow to St Francis!

Welcome Dr Sparrow to St Francis!

Posted by on 11 Jul, 2017 in Find Us

“Welcome Dr Sparrow to St Francis Medica Subiacol!” We’re please to announce to addition of Dr Louise Sparrow to the team at St Francis Medical, Subiaco We’re pleased to announce that Dr Louise Sparrow is STILL available for GP appointments in Subiaco! Dr Sparrow has chosen St Francis to continue practicing in Subiaco, after the closure of Subiaco Station Medical Centre. Dr Sparrow is very well known to the local community, after living and working in the area for many years. For those who are not as familiar with Dr Sparrow, we’ve invited Louise to tell us a little about herself and introduce herself to St Francis community; “Hi!   I’m Louise –  Im a 4th generation Australian –  grew up in Claremont and Dalkeith,  attended East Claremont ‘Prac’ Primary and high school at M.L.C. Claremont. My father was a Physiology Professor (UWA ) and my mother Joy taught domestic science and wrote food/ nutrition articles for The West. My sister Annie, a paediatrician, now specialised in Global Health lives overseas and our younger brother Phil is a social worker/writer working in Overseas Development. I live in the UWA precinct and have two teenage daughters at local high schools.  Our family enjoy pets – bantams, canaries, cockatiels and a toy...

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Welcome Dr Mark Stieler to St Francis! Comments Off on Welcome Dr Mark Stieler to St Francis!

Welcome Dr Mark Stieler to St Francis!

Posted by on 11 Jul, 2017 in Find Us

“Welcome Dr Stieler to St Francis Medical Subiaco!” We’re please to announce to addition of Dr Mark Stieler to the team at St Francis Medical, Subiaco Bringing to St Francis more than 30 years of medical experience, and an irrepressible sense of humour – Dr Stieler is a welcome addition to the clinical team. Dr Stieler has a keen focus on genuine, caring family medicine in a relaxing environment. Since starting at St Francis Medical last month, Dr Stieler has been in high demand with the local patient community and a popular addition to the team. Dr Stieler has worked in many different, and challenging clinical settings – including remote areas of Australia! He is committed to patient focused care, and maintaining high clinical and personal standards. He is also committed to not taking life too seriously, and has a fantastic sense of humour! We encourage the local Perth community to join us in welcoming Dr Stieler to St Francis – he is welcoming new patients, so now is the time to book your family members in to Dr Stieler before he is booked out! You can book with Dr Stieler by calling 9382 3334 or by clicking our Subiaco GP Appointments Online...

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Subiaco GP Bulk Billing! Comments Off on Subiaco GP Bulk Billing!

Subiaco GP Bulk Billing!

Posted by on 18 Nov, 2015 in Find Us

“Bulk Billing GP NOW AVAILABLE for Children and Pensioners” We now offer Bulk Billing for those who need it most We’re proud to announce that St Francis Medical, Subiaco, now offers bulk billing for: All children 12 years and younger Pension card holders aged 65 years and older This is an exiting development for the Perth community, and we hope this makes it easier for families to manage their monthly medical expenses. Please note, we are still a private practice and our charges and other payment options remain unchanged. We look forward to helping families even more with this positive change. If you would like to discuss this further, or for more information click on our medical centre payments link or phone us 9382 3334. Available appointment times and appointment bookings may be made below;  ...

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Our Cosmetic Clinic is Opening Comments Off on Our Cosmetic Clinic is Opening

Our Cosmetic Clinic is Opening

Posted by on 12 Nov, 2015 in Find Us

“Our Cosmetic Clinic is Opening”  Anti-wrinkle treatments, Dermal Fillers and Skin Hydration treatments St Francis Medical is opening a brand new Cosmetic Clinic during November! Dr Archana will be leading our team, offering a variety of non-surgical medical treatments as part of our new Cosmetic Clinic. This clinic is designed to offer convenient, non-surgical options for patients looking to achieve a more healthy, youthful look. Our clinic will offer micro-injection treatments to remove fine and deep lines and wrinkles, treatment of acne scars, fillers to improve volume and remove lines – and more. We are working to eventually offer these services over the weekend – including Sundays – to fit in with your work and family commitments. More information to follow, but for now, have a look at the link below – or call our team 9382 3334 for more information!  ...

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Tips for Taking Kids to the Doctor Comments Off on Tips for Taking Kids to the Doctor

Tips for Taking Kids to the Doctor

Posted by on 11 Feb, 2015 in Find Us

” 5 Tips for Taking Your Children to the Doctor”  St Francis Medical’s Tips for making Your Child’s visit to the GP Easier Taking your child to a doctor can be such a daunting experience for both parents and your little one! At St Francis, our team of caring reception, nursing staff and doctors understand & work equally hard to ensure families receive the best of care in a comfortable environment. Here’s our Top 5 Tips for helping your child’s visit to the GP easier (as shown on our Facebook Page)     Tip One: Help reduce any anxiety by visiting the surgery before your child’s appointment – usually a week before is a good time frame.. This way, children can familiarise themselves with the environment without the pressure of any procedures. They’ll also get to know some of the faces, so on their appointment day, things will be a little more familiar.Feel free to drop into our 7 day clinic any time with your child, and our team will be happy to greet your little one, and if it’s not too busy will also show you both around the practice.   Tip Two: Try to book an appointment that works with your child’s routine. Parents know best when...

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