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Cosmetic Clinic


Welcome to St Francis Cosmetic Clinic, Subiaco

Non-surgical medical treatment options for a natural, more youthful you.


The experienced team at St Francis offer simple, affordable and professional cosmetic treatment options for both women and men. Our range of non-surgical treatments, combined with the experience of our doctors can assist improvement of saggy skin, remove wrinkles, reduce the signs of scarring, improve facial profile – with the goal of reversing the signs of ageing – whilst maintaining your natural beauty. Our practitioners use the latest technqiues and customised non-surgical treatments to help you achieve your very best, natural look. We can help maintain previous treatments, or provide initial assessments and recommendations for men or women who are interested in maintning their healthy, youthful look for longer.  



With a variety of new, less invasive techniques now available, our doctors are able to offer you more options to achieve an overall more natural looking result.


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