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Get Started with Cosmetic Treatments


Getting started with

Cosmetic Treatments


Our 3 Tips to help you prepare for

cosmetic treatments at

St Francis Medical Subiaco


1. Plan ahead

Write down a few questions to help you and your doctor decide the best treatments for you, in line with your own expectations. Some of your general questions may have been answered on this website, but everyone’s treatment is unique so we’re only too happy to answer questions relevant to you. The best outcomes are those that meet patient expectations.

Make sure you also allow enough time for consultation, preparation and treatment. Numbing creams can take about 30min to work so you should allow for this. Ensuring you also tell our reception your appointment is for a cosmetic clinic consultation is also a good idea – our team will then allow necessary time for you and our team.


2. Eat healthy and rest prior to your appointment

As side effects such as bruising may occur, simple measures such as getting good rest, eating healthy foods, limiting alcohol will all assist to aid your body’s response to the treatments – and reduce side effects.


3. Ask for a Free initial consultation appointment

If you are new to St Francis, or new to Cosmetic Aesthetic Medical treatments,  call our team on 9382 3334 or fill in the contact form below and book in for a free consultation with our team.


Book Online here , call us 9382 3334 or send us a note below!



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