Healthy Heart Day 2014 | St Francis Medical Subiaco

Healthy Heart Day 2014



 See you at our “Healthy Heart Day” on Aug 2nd!



Learn about keeping YOUR heart healthy at our 1st Annual Healthy Heart Day, Saturday August 2nd! Our doctors and nurses will be available from 9am until 12pm to provide:

                       FREE Blood Pressure Readings & Advice

                       FREE Cholesterol Assessments

And one of the best parts? These services will be offered for FREE from 9am until 12pm!

Normally these services cost $75 – but we think for one day (or at least a few hours!) we can offer this for free and start the conversation with interested locals. This is also the perfect opportunity for anyone to drop in and view our brand new medical centre in Subiaco, and of course meet some of our friendly medical centre team members.

Heart Diseases affect Australians of ALL ages (including children), ethnic backgrounds and gender. Informing yourself & your family is the first step to keeping your heart healthy, and preventing damage & disease. Our team will be happy to answer your questions on the 2nd August & share some easy-to-follow heart health tips.

So, write this date in your diary and bring along any questions YOU or YOUR family might have about improving heart health! For more information call us on 9382 3334.


Heart Health >> Fast Facts

>>> Heart Disease is the NUMBER 1 cause of death in Australia

>>> Heart disease may not show any obvious symptoms

>>> Every 12 minutes one Australian dies from heart disease

>>> The #1 attributor to heart disease is high blood pressure

>>> Heart disease can affect EVERYONE – men, women and children

>>> Heart disease affects nearly as many women as it does men

>>>Find out YOUR risk – then work with your doctor to minimise your chances of problems






Main Risk Factors for an ‘Unhealthy Heart’

>>>  High Blood Pressure

>>>  High Cholesterol

>>>  Being Overweight & Not Exercising

>>>  Smoking

>>>  Family history

>>>  Having a diet LOW in fruit & vegetables



Other Great Resources for More Information

We’ve looked around for a few sites that offer some good quality information on heart health >> here’s our top picks:

Heart Foundation

Offers a Health Information service Australia-wide on 1300 36 27 87. Also offers an excellent website full of useful, practical information:


‘Better Health’ – VIC Government

Full of FREE information as part of its ‘Better Health Channel’. Also offers Twitter feeds to health events… even has a few ‘health games’ if you’re so inclined!