Healthy Heart Day Report | St Francis Medical Subiaco

Healthy Heart Day Report

Healthy Heart Day Report



1st Annual “Healthy Heart Day” – until next year!



Thank you to everyone who came along!

On Saturday August 2nd, we held our very first “Healthy Heart Day”. Our plans were to devote some hours on the weekend to:


♥      Help educate the local community on the growing impact of heart disease

subiaco medical centre

Locals had a peek inside our new centre on Saturday

♥     Offer FREE health checks – which included blood pressure monitoring and blood cholesterol checks

♥     Give everyone the chance to meet our new team – at our new medical centre

♥     Give out a little healthy info – and a few balloons for the kids!


We would like to thank everyone who came along to meet us, and we hope you also enjoyed the day – and learnt a little about your own health too! Heart disease is such an overwhelming problem in Australia, so we think  a little extra information and assistance on days like our Health Heart Day might help local communities prevent growing statistics.

For those looking for information on preventing heart problems or if you missed our Healthy Heart Day feel free to email us, call us on 9382 3334 or visit our Healthy Heart Day page.


See you again for next year’s Healthy Heart Day!