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Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

10 Things You Should Know about

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments




1. Understand Your Treatment & Your Expectations/Limitations

Anti-wrinkle injections, Fillers, and Hydration treatments are all different treatments which may be used together – but all have different outcomes. Some treatments may not be right for you. It’s important you understand the likely outcomes you can expect from each treatment, and any possible side effects. Outcomes can be affected by many factors, including your age, your skin condition, the area to be treated, doses used – the list goes on and on! Sitting down and discussing each treatment, your needs, and expectations with a St Francis doctor is the first step to helping you understand your treatment goals and planning a successful outcome from injectable cosmetics treatment.

2. Find Cosmetic Doctors & Nurses You Can Trust

Making the decision to have cosmetic injections is a personal one, and having a trusted, experienced medical team around you is an important step to making sure the decision is correct for you. Anti-wrinkle injections must be administered by a Registered Nurse or a Doctor, so find one you can communication easily with, who spends time to answer your questions and helps you get the best, most natural outcomes that meet your reasonable expectations. 97% of anti-wrinkle patients say they’ll come back for more treatments*, so it’s important you find a team you’re comfortable with.

3. Plan Ahead

There are some ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ before your possible treatment. Avoiding some medications and vitamin supplements may be necessary, and you may need to plan some small down time from work (normally this probably won’t be necessary – but it’s best to plan for it if required!). Having cosmetic treatments can also be costly, so make sure you budget accordingly. Most treatments don’t take terribly long, but allowing an hour or so is advisable. When you phone the clinic on 9382 3334, our team will help advise you on the time you will need to allow and the usual costs involved.

Make the most of your appointment with our doctors, and bring along questions you have about the treatment/s.

4. Cosmetic Clinic Results Will Not Be Instantbotox-results-perth

Cosmetic treatments generally heal quickly, and you’ll find that it takes several days for most treatments to show you real results. Schedule your appointment at least 2 weeks before any event in which you want to look your best.

5. Cosmetic Clinic Treatments Will Not Last Forever

Depending on your treatment (and other factors) your results will normally last months – certainly not years! To continue with results, you’ll need to plan for future appointments to maintain or adjust your cosmetic treatment outcomes. Anti-wrinkle follow-up treatments, for example, are recommended a few months (normally at least 3 months) after initial treatments.

6. Your Face Won’t Freeze!

Our treatments are designed to improve the appearance of frown lines, facial contouring and blemishes – we don’t want to transform your face! The best outcomes are natural and meet both patient and doctor expectations. Getting the right treatment, at the right dose and location is important to achieve this – so discuss this when you see a St Francis doctor.

7. Side Effects are Rare 

Like any medical treatment, there are risks and our team will discuss these with you. Non-surgical cosmetic treatment side effects generally are considered rare, and if they do occur, are mild and will subside with time. These are injections, however, so like any injection expect some discomfort (although minor) and will leave small red marks that will fade away. Serious side effects can still occur, so discussing these with our doctors are an important part of helping you make your decisions.

8. Post Treatment ‘Dos’

It’s recommended you avoid vigorous exercise after the cosmetic treatment/s. You should also avoid applying anything active on the treated area for 48 hours which includes facials, massage, laser, waxing and even rubbing the area/s. Keep in contact with our doctors if you notice any side effects.

9. Most People Are Suitable for Treatments

Men and women alike are now using cosmetic treatments at St Francis. The majority of patients are suitable, and enjoy great natural results from cosmetic treatments time and time again!

10. You Can Trust St Francis Cosmetic Clinic!

The St Francis Cosmetics Clinic team are all registered health professionals, and only use TGA-approved treatments.




To book your consultation or for more information  ring us! Phone 9382 3334 






*1. Dysport Challenge. Fort Worth, TX: Galderma Laboratories, L.P. October 2010.

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