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Skin Hydration



About Skin Hydration Treatments

Formulated and designed for both men and women, for both younger or more mature skin – skin hydration boosters deliver lasting moisturisation and improvements in the skin. Boosting the skin’s hydration deep inside can improve the smoothness, elasticity and overall appearance. Skin hydration treatment effects will build gradually and subtly with each treatment, to provide lasting moisture and increased hydration.




What does the treatment involve?


Our team will initially assess and consult with you, and advise if and how these skin hydration boosters may assist you. Treatments involve a series (normally at least 3 treatment series) of microinjections of long-lasting substance found naturally in the body. These treatments are designed to maintain hydration of the skin by absorbing water.




What areas can these treatments be applied to?

Most commonly, skin hydration treatments are applied to the facial areas (Worry lines, crows feet, lines around the lips and mid zones for example), neck, hands and arms and acne-scarred areas. These treatments are often applied prior to anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments, but may also be used on their own.


What can I expect after treatment?


These treatments are formulated to improve the freshness and appearance of skin, but normally at least 3 treatments are required. They may be applied on their own, or our doctor may also recommend other treatments – depending on your area/s of concern and expectations for example. Following treatment, you may experience mild skin redness, or swelling which normally reduce quickly. Cosmetic makeup may be used to cover up any redness and an ice pack may be applied depending on advice from our doctor. For a full description of potenital side effects, please also check with our team when you see them at your appointment.


Who can receive these treatments?

These treatments may be used by men or women, and are often recommended for milder conditions or simply for patients who do not want to progress to dermal fillers (or other treatments). For patients who are happy with facial structure, but want to improve their skin appearance – these treatments may be a suitable option.



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