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Health Assessments

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Health Assessments

St Francis Medical Subiaco offers a range of Health Assessments for the whole family. They are generally subsidised by the government* and are performed by our team on-site at our Subiaco Medical Centre. 

So what are ‘Health Assessments’ and why should your family take full advantage of them?

What are Health Assessments?

Health Assessments are examinations of a family member’s current state of health, carried out by our nurses and GPs. Simply put, they’re a ‘snapshot’ of current health to ensure you or a loved one are on the right track to Good Health.

Why are they important?

Health Assessments are an opportunity for you and your family to identify existing or potential health issues, with our health professionals, using our facilities. There are so many advantages from taking the time to have a health assessment performed.

  • Provides an opportunity for our team to get to know you and your family better, and make better informed decisions about your family’s present and future health
  • Make better informed health decisions
  • Medical histories are more complete and up-to-date

What’s Involved?

This will depend on what type of Health Assessment is performed, and for whom. Generally speaking though, our nurses will perform most of the assessment and our doctors will review, and may include:

  • treatment room at subiaco medical centreMedical history taking & updating of records
  • Examination
  • Recommendations
  • Performing of tests if required
  • Follow up advice

What Types of Health Assessments are Available?

The following Health Assessments are fully covered by Medicare:*



40 – 49 year old risk of Diabetes Health Assessment

The Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool is used to identify whether you are at risk and therefore eligible for this assessment.

40 – 49 year old Risk of Diabetes                             Book 40yr old Assessment 

This assessment is for people aged 40-49 years at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes as determined by a score of 12 or more on the Australian Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool. This assessment is recommended once every three years if eligible.

Follow this link to the risk assessment tool:

If you think you are scoring 12 or above make an appointment for an assessment today.


45 – 49 year old Risk of Developing Chronic Disease Health Assessment

This is identified by your Doctor, if you have concerns mention it to them and they can assess your eligibility.

45 – 49 year old Risk of Chronic Disease                    Book 45yr old Assessment 

This assessment is for people who have been assessed by their Doctor as being at risk of developing chronic diseases. This assessment may be claimed only once by an eligible person. If you have concerns that this may be you make an appointment today to discuss these concerns.


Over 75 years annual Health Assessment

 Over 75 years                                                          Book 75yr old yr old Assessment 

This assessment is used to assess a person’s health. It includes a detailed review of their physical, psychological and social function for the purpose of preventative health care and/or medical interventions as appropriate. This assessment may be claimed every twelve months by an eligible patient. If you feel you may benefit from this assessment please contact the surgery to make an appointment – please indicate that you would like this assessment at the time of making the appointment so that sufficient time can be allocate to you.



All Health Assessments are performed by the Practice Nurse and reviewed by one of our Doctors. If the assessment highlights any areas of concern or anything that may require further investigation our Doctors can arrange this for you. 

For more information ask our practice nurses Sarah and Natalie: phone them on 9382 3334.


*The cost of these assessments are covered by Medicare, however any required investigations identified by the health assessment may incur a cost. If you are not eligible to receive Medicare then a standard consult fee will apply, charged dependent upon the time the assessment takes to complete.