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Child Immunisations

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St Francis Medical is provides all of the Government funded childhood vaccines. Vaccination is demonstrated to be one of the most effective interventions to prevent disease worldwide.

Vaccination currently saves an estimated 3 million lives per year throughout the world. You are not only protecting yourself by being vaccinated you are also protecting others.
Modern vaccines provide protection from some of the most deadly diseases and at the same time serious reactions to vaccines are very rare.
If your child is due their vaccines please make an appointment. If you have recently moved to Perth and your child has received their vaccines in another country, the Doctor’s at St Francis are able to devise a schedule in order for your child to meet the Australian immunisation requirements.
Please bring all previous vaccine documentation with you when you attend your appointment. For instance your baby’s ‘Health & Development Book’ (the Green Book) should be brought along with your visits – check with our nurses for more information on these books.


What happens when your child visits

child vaccinations at subiaco medical centre

Morning Appointments are Best for Child Vaccinations

You will first be seen by one of our Doctors who will assess your child’s eligibility and establish with you what vaccines they require. You will then see the Practice Nurse who will explain what vaccination involves, discussing potential side effects and how to manage them. If appropriate the vaccines required will then be delivered. Following vaccination you will need to remain in the surgery for 15 minutes.

Childhood vaccines should be administered in the morning whenever possible so please take this into account when making an appointment!