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Tips for Taking Kids to the Doctor

Tips for Taking Kids to the Doctor

” 5 Tips for Taking Your Children to the Doctor”

 St Francis Medical’s Tips for making Your Child’s visit to the GP Easier


Taking your child to a doctor can be such a daunting experience for both parents and your little one! At St Francis, our team of caring reception, nursing staff and doctors understand & work equally hard to ensure families receive the best of care in a comfortable environment. Here’s our Top 5 Tips for helping your child’s visit to the GP easier (as shown on our Facebook Page)


Tip One:

Help reduce any anxiety by visiting the surgery before your child’s appointment – usually a week before is a good time frame.. This way, children can familiarise themselves with the environment without the pressure of any procedures. They’ll also get to know some of the faces, so on their appointment day, things will be a little more familiar.Feel free to drop into our 7 day clinic any time with your child, and our team will be happy to greet your little one, and if it’s not too busy will also show you both around the practice.


Tip Two:

Try to book an appointment that works with your child’s routine. Parents know best when children need their daily sleep, and normal meal times – try to schedule a time when you know they’ll be well rested.Our team try to reserve times each day for ‘last minute’ appointments – but it’s always best to ring us on 9382 3334 and discuss the best time for your child’s appointment. We’ll do our best to accommodate!


Tip Three:

Make sure you try and bring your child’s favourite stuffed animal or toy. Something familiar and comforting will help reduce fears. Our doctors and nurses can also ‘practice examination’ on the favourite toy to show that there’s nothing to fear.Failing this, our nurses always have our St Francis favourite practice teddy bear on hand, for extra comfort!


Tip Four:

Try to be relaxed and truthful to your little one. Explain to your child that they are going to the doctors and what to expect;- Needles do hurt but only for a moment
– Needles are not needed EVERY visit
– Vaccines are important to keep them healthy
– Explain that you had your vaccines when you were littleTell them that a St Francis Lollipop is waiting for them in reception when they leave!


Tip Five:

Find a GP that you trust & can easily communicate with. If Mum or Dad likes the doctor, chances are your child will too! The Patient-Doctor relationship is a unique one, that differs from person-to-person. If you don’t have your own GP or are new to the area, ask around and speak to your friends for trusted recommendations.As always – feel free to drop in and say hi to our team about your little one! The team at St Francis will be happy to help make their visit to the GP an easy one.